Online Class

Online Lessons

Lessons take place online, in a virtual classroom. The tutor and student both have access to an interactive whiteboard, video and audio.

Online Teaching

KS1 to A Level

We have experienced, specialist tutors offering tailored tuition in a range of subjects for students between the ages of 5 and 18. 

Online Education

11+ Preparation

We offer lessons to prepare children for taking their 11+ exam. It is recommended that these lessons are started in Year 4 or 5.


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We offer tuition, across a range of subjects, to students in small groups or on a one to one basis. The first lesson with your child will include a baseline assessment. This allows us to quickly assess any difficulties children are having with their learning, we are therefore able to adapt our teaching style depending on the needs of each individual.

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Tuition is offered to children of all abilities: children with additional needs, children working at the expected standard, and children working at greater depth. Tutors will work with you and your child to identify their next steps through a calm and patient approach. We can help whether your child is struggling with basic concepts, or working to achieve greater depth. 

Before tutoring your child, Portia will have discussions with you to find out more about them academically, as well as learning about their hobbies and interests too. We will discuss exactly what you and your child want to achieve through the sessions - this will help to ensure that your child achieves their full potential.

KS1 and KS2

Tuition tailored to the needs of each individual student. 

11+ Preparation

Lessons to prepare your child for their 11+ exam. Starting from Year 4.

Secondary Transition

Ensure that your child is fully prepared for the demands of secondary school. 

Homework Support

Tutors can support your child with their homework set by their school 

SATs Boosters

Experienced Year 6 teachers offering SATs booster sessions

GCSE and A Level 

Specialist tutors offering GCSE tuition across a range of subjects. 

Class Online
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