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Is your child making the big leap from Year 6 to secondary school? We're here to help make the transition smoother! 🚀


Introducing our NEW 'Year 6 Transition to Secondary English and Maths' online group classes! 📝➕


đŸ—“ïž Every Wednesday from 22nd May 

⏰ 5:30 - 6:30pm


Our expert tutor, Bek, will provide targeted support to help your child build confidence and skills for success in secondary school. Don't let the transition be daunting; let's make it a seamless journey together! 🌟



💡 Each session includes:

  • An engaging and interactive live lesson
  • Personalised feedback
  • Guidance and support from an expert tutor


Don't miss this opportunity to boost your child's confidence and excel in their Secondary School transition.

Year 6 Transition to Secondary English and Maths - trial lesson

  • Please see our full terms and conditions here

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