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Emma is an experienced practitioner of English Language and English Literature with over 20 years of experience within the secondary school sector. Emma works with students with a range of abilities, preparing them for examinations or developing their skills, competency and confidence in this subject area.

Emma has a passion for literature and a strong commitment to fostering the wellbeing of all pupils. She has a strong commitment to achieving high standards across all age groups and an ability to relate to and support students of all abilities. Emma’s lessons are tailored to all learning preferences, and she is able to inspire and motivate students to achieve their full potential.

Emma strives to build excellent working relationships with her students, providing support and guidance when necessary. She has a strong commitment to working with parents/carers and the ability to build positive relationships with families.


KS2 and KS3 English 

English support to consolidate learning or challenge the more able. 

GCSE English Language and Literature 

Lessons designed to teach and practise skills needed for the GCSE English papers, including exam question familiarisation.

A Level

Weekend and weekday evening sessions for A Level English students.

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