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Natasha is a full-time English, History and Geography tutor. She is positive, outgoing, and eager to help students build their confidence.


Natasha believes tutoring is not just about providing answers, but about asking the right questions so that students can develop into independent thinkers

"I always look forward to my lessons with Natasha. She has helped me improve, whilst making it enjoyable at the same time."


GCSE and A Level English

Key Stage 3 and GSCE Geography

KS3 and GCSE Maths

GCSE and A Level History

More About Natasha

Natasha offers tuition for Key Stage 3 (English, Geography, History), Key Stage 4 (English Literature, English Language, Geography and History) and A Levels (English Literature, History and EPQ).

She values student-led development, where students are equipped with the tools to feel in control of their education. This approach empowers students and allows them to be their own best advocate. She is passionate about History and English Literature, especially the early modern period and poetry!


Natasha loves sharing her passion with students, while also allowing space for their own interests to emerge.

Natasha believes, with the right level of challenge and tailored support, tuition helps foster a lifelong love of learning.

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