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Claire is a fully qualified, experienced English teacher for KS3, GCSE and A Level.

English is something she is passionate about. She enjoys taking my students on a fun and engaging personalised journey - exploring and tailoring lessons in English reading, writing and speaking for students to reach their full potential. 

"Thank you so much for all your support and contribution towards making her confidence grow and giving her the ability to suceed."


KS2 and KS3 English 

English support to consolidate learning or challenge the more able. 

GCSE English Language and Literature 

Lessons designed to teach and practise skills needed for the GCSE English papers, including exam question familiarisation.

A Level

Daytime and evening sessions for A Level maths students.

Creative Writing Skills Course

Small group courses which focus on confidence building in creative writing

More About Claire

Claire always puts enjoyment at the heart of every lesson and believes that everybody has the potential to improve and excel.


She has a BA honours degree in English and Latin Literature and applys teaching methods to build confidence in students to help them achieve their goals and potential in English Language and English Literature.

Claire runs a 12 week small group course which focusses on confidence building in creative writing. There is regular exam question practice and techniques taught, including live feedback to improve work. There are opportunities to share ideas and learn collaboratively and catch up notes if a session is missed. 


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