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Book Club

Do you want to develop your child's love of books and reading? It very important that all children should learn to read for their own enjoyment so that reading becomes a choice, not a chore.


Reading for pleasure opens up new worlds for children. It gives them the opportunity to use their imagination to explore new ideas, visit new places and meet new characters.

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"My son’s confidence has increased so much since we’ve started these sessions."


About the book

Darkus is miserable. His dad has disappeared, and now he is living next door to the most disgusting neighbours ever.

A giant beetle called Baxter comes to his rescue. But can the two solve the mystery of his dad’s disappearance, especially when links emerge to cruel Lucretia Cutter and her penchant for beetle jewellery? A coffee-mug mountain, home to a million insects, could provide the answer – if Darkus and Baxter are brave enough to find it …


Dr Bartholomew Cuttle wasn’t the kind of man who mysteriously disappeared. He was the kind of man who read enormous old books at the dinner table and got fried egg stuck in his beard. He was the kind of man who always lost his keys, and never took an umbrella on rainy days. He was the kind of dad who might be five minutes late picking you up from school, but he always came. More than anything else, Darkus knew his dad was not the kind of father who would abandon his thirteen-year-old son.
The police report stated that the 27th of September had been an unremarkable Tuesday. Dr Bartholomew Cuttle, a 48-year-old widower, had taken his son, Darkus Cuttle, to school and gone on to the Natural History Museum, where he was the Director of Science.

Beetle Boy is a Tom Fletcher Book Club pick!

"The action and adventure reminded me of Indiana Jones with a villain evil enough to rival Cruella De Vil."

"This book will take you on an adventure through museums, mansions and secret hideouts where you’ll meet thousands of the most fascinating beetles."

"Portia is positive, upbeat and encouraging!"

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"Portia engages our daughter and keeps her interested and looking forward to each lesson."

"Friendly tutor and my daughter has really engaged with her lesson."

Reading a Book

What is Included?

  • 5 weeks of live lessons, resources and support by a fully qualified teacher based around the book 'Beetle Boy' by the bestselling author, M.G. Leonard. 

  • Weekly, 45 minute live lessons which include reading chapters of the book and 'book talk' - meaningful discussions about the book's plot, characters, themes and vocabulary.


  • Independent reading tasks to be completed each week.


  • An optional weekly activity based around that week's reading to be completed in the child's own time.


  • One fee per household, therefore siblings can enjoy the book club too.

  • The book will be included and sent to your home

This book club is recommended for children aged 9-12 years. 

Live sessions:

Tuesday 19th April 2022 5:15pm-6.00pm

Tuesday 26th April 2022 5:15pm-6.00pm

Tuesday 10th May 2022 5:15pm-6.00pm

Tuesday 17th May 2022 5:15pm-6.00pm

Tuesday 24th May 2022 5:15pm-6.00pm

"Portia creates exciting classes in a friendly manner."

Outdoor Reading
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